SYM changelog
SYM changelog

BYO Sym Strategies 🍷








Sym's bread and butter for temporary access is the "Strategy" – a first-party abstraction that enable implementers to define access "Targets," deployed as "Flows" that are exposed to end-users.

This is great for standard access Targets like AWS IAM, Okta, and GitHub; we also provide an AWS Lambda integration for scenarios that either don't fit the traditional model of user-based access, or which need to live in your VPC.

But what about SaaS integrations that we haven't built yet?

Say "hello" to Custom Strategies

Sym now provides a full framework that you can use to build and ship your own Strategies, including logic for fetching and persisting user identities across systems.


To get started, check out these resources:

Full release notes:

  • 🌱 Custom Strategy Framework (🗒️ Docs)
  • 🌱 Add symflow resources list command (🗒️ Docs)
  • 🌱 Add SDK support for fetching and using Sym Secrets (🗒️ SDK Docs)
  • 🌱 Quickstart for temporary Postgres access via Lambda (🗒️ Guide)
  • 👍 Update Sym Slack app to remove Global Shortcut
  • 👍 Surface Processor errors to Runtime
  • 🐛 Fix issue with fresh installs of symflow CLI from brew
  • 🐛 Fix/improve interpolation of errors from AWS Secrets Manager